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The aim of the conference

The Chemical Process Industry emitts quite a lot of environmentally hazardous material during their production processes, which should be minimized or separated. The first approach is to develop cleaner production methods or secondly to use suitable separation or disposal methods. Due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations (e.g. in dust separation, PM10, PM2,5, PM1) more emphasis should be laid on the improvement of these methods. Detailed keywords concerning these methods are:

  • Air pollution control (waste gas separation, dust, fugitive emissions)
  • Waste water treatment (solid liquid separation, micro- filtration, membranes, biological treatment)
  • Waste minimization and disposal
  • Combustion (high efficiency energy conversion, CO2- reduction)
  • Particle Technology
  • Testing, Validation, Monitoring
  • Risk analysis and loss prevention

The European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment EMChIE V will bring together engineers, managers, scientists from industry, universities and relevant administration officials to inform and discuss new developments and the latest innovative ideas in this field.

The first European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment EMChIE I was organized by its founder Prof. Casal in Girona Spain, 1993, followed by EMChIE II in Torino Italy,1996, EMChIE III in Kracow Poland, 1999, EMChIE IV, Las Palmas, Spain 2003 and we are honoured to organize EMChIE V now in Vienna, Austria.

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